An Unexpected Snowfall

by Brandon P.

Holy One,

This day, this present moment, is all we really have.

It’s a priceless gift – one that we have no words

and not nearly enough gratitude for.

Ready or not- it’s happening.

Right now…

and we are both happy and sad…and we have each other…

this small group of misfits…

but maybe we fit together in a way that we haven’t anywhere else.


And we’re thankful for our story.

Because we have that also.

The collected wisdom that has been earned over the years.

The long narrative of triumph and loss,

of those things that we share with pride

and those that we try our very best to keep hidden.


But our stories are our greatest asset.

We can heal with them.

We can heal ourselves and heal each other.

We’ve all been hurt and lonely and anxious and scared and disappointed.

We’ve been physically and emotionally abused.

We’ve lacked the courage and the energy to fight back.


Because life is complicated.

Things change and people leave and time doesn’t stop for anyone.

And in the end there isn’t anyone to blame but ourselves.

How we react and absorb and bury and accentuate and heal….

Those are the things that make or break us.


And yet we are endlessly resilient and infinite and we thank you Lord for setting up our lives this way.

Because we need each other to survive.

And all we have to do is reach out and there someone is.

And there you are.

It’s a miracle and a mystery…

It’s like unexpected snowfall or a hot coffee or a long breathless story told by a shining young person who is nothing but perfect eternal stardust.


Thank you, thank you.



Brandon is noticing that despite the cold, the days are slowly getting longer, and that the morning light brings with it another chance.