Long Time Gone…

By Judy B.

After the bustle of the holidays, it is nice to have an evening with nothing to do, except to sit in front of the fire.  There is much in the news that is gloomy and dark, but here, in the warmth of the flames, in my little microcosm of life, I have turned off the TV and WiFi connection, and there is much to be thankful for.

My 88 year-old father had surgery on an occluded artery two weeks ago. He has recovered so quickly and so well that he is now on a plane to Hawaii for a family event he hoped to attend.  While we tend to romanticize the past, thanks to modern medicine, he has far outlived his ancestors.

My kids have started a new semester, and both are excited about their classes. The oldest is preparing for a piano audition, and the youngest is away at a school theatre event. Thanks to our excellent public schools, they have wonderful teachers and have received a much better education than I received 30 years ago.

At this moment, my job is just the right amount of busy, and no work matter is weighing too heavily or interrupting sleep. Even 25 years ago, there were fewer women in the workforce, and I am eternally grateful to all those who have struggled, and continue to struggle, for equality.

On this evening, while my house warms from the fire, I eat a simple dinner, and the cat sits cozy at my feet….these also are perfect things that I hope will never change.

Although there are frightening daily developments in the world, we continue to make progress in so many areas, and there is much that is good. I keep telling myself progress is like a swing, it moves backward then forward, as momentum builds. And maybe, at least in a few areas, it’s possible that we just might be on the big ride back, before the last pump to jump to the ground.

Lord, help us make progress for a better world in the new year, but thank you for all that is right and good.

Judy is a devoted member of Peace Christian Church UCC, who encourages us to remain faithful.  She is a proud and supportive mom to sons Ted and Johnny, and is an immigration attorney.