More Coffee, More Love

submitted by Sofia P.

As time quickly passes and the only reliable things in my life are coffee dates with my dad and constant stress about college and my future, I have come to realize that nothing will ever love and support me like coffee does. This is true for many reasons, too many to list. All I know is that I’m never more content than when I’m holding a nice plastic cup full of an iced mocha. Even when I go to college in about ten months and won’t be able to see my dad every day, when I’m stressed and overwhelmed, I can simply drink coffee and reminisce about the good times that we had. What follows are some more of my favorite places to get that magical bean juice. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Special shout-out to the Jo ‘n Go at St Luke’s Hospital on the Plaza. That coffee literally saves lives. Also I just really love hospitals.

Hi Hat Coffee in Westwood

  • Ambiance: super small inside. There were a total of 5 people at one point waiting to order and it must have exceeded the maximum occupancy. Cool menu and young baristas. Plenty of seating outside.
  • Iced mocha: nondescript, which is certainly not bad.
  • Macchiato: Perfect balance. Served in a tiny glass cup with a metal handle.

Hi Hat is perfect for a nice cool autumn day. I am fairly certain that Pembroke students work there, so it always seems pretty alive. There’s minimal seating inside, maybe like 2 stools, but there’s a bench and several wooden lawn chairs outside. Hi Hat is one of my favorite coffee shops simply because it’s different from anywhere else in Kansas City.

The Filling Station on Johnson Drive in Mission

  • Ambiance: quiet, not many people. Barista was really nice
  • Chai: Drinks come in mugs without much of a hassle. Good flavor. They have almond, soy and coconut milk to choose from.
  • Mocha: warm decaf mocha. Really pretty design on top.
  • REALLY cold in there that morning! Felt better after I drank my hot coffee
  • Great, flaky, large chocolate croissant

The same menu as all the other Filling Stations, but I just really like this location. It’s pretty suburban but with a modern twist. The white interior makes it seem really minimalist, but it’s definitely not pretentious in any way.

Monarch Coffee on Broadway

  • Ambiance: SUPER refined and hipster. All white walls and ceiling, floral wallpaper. WC instead of restroom. They stole the best baristas from Kaldi’s, Parisi and the Roasterie.
  • Iced mocha: blond Parisi barista said they use dark askinosie chocolate. Served in a glass. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Gibraltar (x2): Beautiful artwork, perfect balance.
  • Plain croissant: pretty good. Tough on the outside but the inside was fine. Definitely not French-level but it wasn’t horrible (not made in house)

Monarch has been a crowd pleaser since the beginning. It has a very photogenic interior, so if you crave coffee and a good picture, this is the place to be.