a Path to Peace – August 6

August 6, 2017                                                                    Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Personal Prayer:

Give me strength to be part of the solution.

This week’s Prayer for Peace:

Holy One, your creation overflows with bounty. Nutritious grains, rich soil, building materials, bright sunlight, strong winds, and so much water. And perhaps most importantly, our inventive, creative minds. All of the pieces are in place. Help us to use them for the greater good. It’s so easy to sit back in air-conditioned comfort, consuming and wanting more, but there is a world to save. Keep us strong as we live and work for equality and justice. Amen.

Lectionary Readings:

Matthew 14: 13-21 – Give them something to eat yourselves.

Isaiah 55:1-5 – Listen that you may have life.

Psalm 145:8-21 – You are near to all who call on you.

Romans 9:1-5 – Blessed forever be God who is over all.

Moment for Peace:

We have enough. Even for 7.5 billion people there is enough. Each of us has more than we need. More food, more shelter, more privacy, and more security. While others have less that they need. And isolationist and nationalist trends, white privilege, unfair labor practices, mass incarceration, corrupt governments, and shortsighted multinational corporations are all adding to the problem. Let’s look for ways to allow others to rise up and reach their potential. In response to his disciples’ plea to help feed the 5000, Jesus said, “Give them something to eat yourselves.”