a Path to Peace – June 18

June 18, 2017                                                                 Second Sunday after Pentecost

Personal Prayer:

We thank you for our lives.

This week’s Prayer for Peace:

Creator, you are strong and mysterious and omnipotent and yet sometimes it feels like you aren’t around. Mostly you bring us joy, but other times we’re really baffled about things that happen. Like our leaders. And tsunamis. And suicide. We wonder why you made us. Whether you even meant to or maybe it was all a big mistake. God, even though we will mess up again and again and do things that don’t make sense to you either, we ask that you stay closer and we’ll try our best to do the same. Amen.

Lectionary Readings:

Matthew 9:35- 10:8 – At the sight of the crowds, Jesus’ heart was moved with pity.

Genesis 18:1-15 – God said to Sarah, “Oh, but you did indeed laugh!”

Psalm 116:1-19 – How can I repay you, God, for your goodness to me?

Romans 5:1-8 – … And such a hope doesn’t disappoint.

Moment for Peace:

We’re all wounded healers. In the Romans passage it says that affliction leads to perseverance which leads to character which leads to hope and it’s certainly true. None of us are out looking for affliction and hard times but we’ve surely had them. And that’s what we draw from when we are talking to a friend who is hurting or stop for a moment to talk to a panhandler or call our estranged brother. Or father. Life breaks us down but it’s also beautiful and all we have is each other.