Too Much Liver

by Sofia P.

A while back I decided that I wanted to donate an organ to someone on my 18th birthday. I figure that I’m finally old enough to do it and here I am, just sitting around selfishly in possession of many perfectly healthy organs, and wanted to give one (or some) away. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and as I quickly approach my transition into an adult I wanted someone else to have a second chance at life. Although my birthday isn’t until January, I began the process this summer of researching how to give away an organ. There are many organs or bodily fluids that I would be willing to donate and I took them all into consideration- for example liver, kidney, blood, skin, plasma and bone marrow. Unfortunately, I very quickly hit an insurmountable roadblock; you have to be at least 110 pounds to donate anything, even blood. Part of me understands this requirement, but another part of me wonders if they could just take a smaller portion of my liver, or take less blood. Then I made the executive decision to stop arguing with health care professionals in my head and move on, and think of other ways I could offer myself to others. It’s hard to save the world when you’re less than 90 pounds.

I thought back to the Denver mission trip that the youth group took in May. We did quite a few things to help the community, including serving at a food pantry (similar to Micah Ministries here in KC) and packing food into boxes (much like Harvesters). However, while in Denver, I didn’t really feel like I fulfilled my role of saving the world. Sure, maybe that box of ramen and applesauce found its way to a family in need and gave them enough food for another day, but I still felt like I could do more. But while I was on that mission trip, I did build community with the other kids and with the people of Denver. I became closer to people that will probably be life-long friends (albeit one of these people is my brother), and the trip gave me hope for my generation.

Maybe there’s no easy fix to save the world. Sometimes there are things that get in our way, for example an unnecessary weight requirement, or the fact that I’m a small city girl with no qualifications to change much that’s wrong with this country. So maybe all we can do is be nice to each other and offer all that we have. Although it would be a lot easier just to give away a portion of my liver.