Eli Chamberlain and Alex Holsinger lead singing at Peace. Collaborating with other staff, they bring to worship music that enhances the message and illuminates the week’s theme. As a worship team, they play and sing sacred music of various eras and styles, including traditional, folk, roots and contemporary hymns and refrains. Perhaps Alex and Eli’s greatest contribution to Peace worship and special services is their ability to offer a fresh take on old standards, as well as the way they find the sacred in the secular, incorporating current and classic popular music, from Bob Dylan and the Beatles to the Dixie Chicks and Eddie Vedder.

Our choir, Peace aChord, led by John Jordan, enhances worship by combining voices of all ages in quiet and sophisticated anthems as well as lively arrangements of sacred texts. John’s ability to get a “big sound” from this relatively small group is a testament to each member’s commitment to making music and to the Peace community. John selects music from many different genres to ensure that the music “fits” with the themes of the service and the week’s message. He believes that singing in worship serves two critical purposes beyond praising God, it shares (or supports) the story and unites us in our mission. If you leave the church singing the refrain or humming the tune, you have taken the “message” with you and into the world.