Scripture: Luke 1:29-55

A note from Holly

Radical hope. That’s our focus this Advent.

On the first Sunday of Advent, we started with a scripture about the end of the world—that’s where advent always begins— with a call to let go of everything that is dead and lifeless so we can make room for all that is new.

On that first Sunday, we reached back to the mid 1800’s when the Crow tribe lost their way of life when the white people came with guns and diseases. Like the people of Jesus’ day, the Crow found a way to survive through a dream and a vision.

This week, we’ll return to the Crow people and add the story of Mary. She had a dream—a radical dream about a day when the lowly would lifted up and filled with good things.

Her song is strong and bold; her dream underlines the role of courage in sustaining hope.

Dreams + Courage = living with hope

That’s the formula I’m taking from Jonathan Lear’s work Radical Hope,

and that’s what I’m seeking in this darkest season of the year.

Thankful for your presence on the journey,