Chances are, when you come to a service at Peace, you will be greeted first by the sound of friendly chatter just outside of the worship space. You should be welcomed warmly by someone who recognizes you as new to Peace; they will point you in the right direction for worship. If no one greets you on the spot, we hope you’ll feel comfortable introducing yourself–we are so happy you’ve come and we are eager to make you feel at home. As you come into the worship space, a greeter will hand you a bulletin so that you can follow along with the service and learn more about who we are as a congregation. You’re welcome to take a seat wherever you’d like.

Worship at Peace is part family reunion (where there’s always room to set another place at the table!), part musical showcase, and part storytelling master class with an emphasis on relating scripture in a way that resonates with our complicated and busy lives. Prayers and songs are printed in the bulletin so that you can participate fully; there are no “secret handshakes” or codes. You are welcome at Peace. It is our tradition to celebrate communion every Sunday at each service. All are invited to come forward to receive communion. At the end of the service, we join hands to sing our closing song and hear a benediction. We invite you to stay after worship so that we can learn more about each other.